Nashville Writers Meetup


Screenwriting is one tough gig!  Not only does a writer need to understand screenwriting structure well enough to create a compelling storyline with interesting characters, but the writer must also weave all major critical decisions, plot points and twists into the story while staying within the confining page requirements of ninety and one hundred-twenty pages, depending on the story’s genre.  In addition, once the masterpiece undergoes numerous edits and rewrites, then the writer needs to strategize a plan to get the screenplay read amongst the thousands of scripts that are stacked sky high in the offices of underpaid, overworked Hollywood readers. (more…)

William Akers Speaks To Nashville Screenwriters

yourscreenplaysucksAttention all screenwriters!  This is a must-have book for your screenwriting library collection. For real!

On Monday, Will Akers spoke to members of the Nashville Writer’s Meetup at Border’s Books and Music, about his new book, Your Screenplay Sucks: 100 Ways To Make It Better.  He highlighted some of the all-too-frequent and common mistakes that his screenwriting students at Vanderbilt have been making over the years, mistakes that were the inspiration for this book.

Will’s book is loaded with great ways to vastly improve your screenplay.  During his presentation, he produced a piece of blank paper with a glowing, red F plastered on it.  This is what Will’s students receive if their work contains any spelling errors.  He emphasized how Hollywood will toss your screenplay into the slush pile if they find misspelled words, so his most important piece of advice is to make sure you use Spellcheck before sending your screenplays to agents and producers.  (more…)