New Year, New Goals…Maybe

I have finally emerged after taking a two month vacation from blogging.  I’m fine, in one piece and rearing to get rolling into the new year.  I never intended to disappear after my Halloween post, like one of Michael Myers’ victims, but the details of life got in the way; like midterm exams, holiday shopping, holiday traveling and graduate school applications.  Yes folks, I’m going back to school…I think.  It’s really contingent upon an admissions committee believing that of the hundreds of applications they receive, that I’m worthy enough to fill one of the twenty available seats.  I think I have a better chance at being struck by lightening or even winning the Powerball.   (more…)

The Social Network And You

Recently, I saw The Social Network, the movie about Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.  If you haven’t seen it, then I urge you to go…immediately, especially if you’re a writer, film-maker or someone who just needs the motivation to keep working toward your goals.

I was blown away, not only by the superb acting, but also by the manner in which writer, Aaron Sorkin, captured the spirit and internal force that drove Zuckerberg to succeed.  In the movie, he’s an animal, hungry for membership into exclusiveness, as if being a Harvard student isn’t quite exclusive enough. (more…)

Camera! Action! Roll’em!

Let's get this blog started!

Photo by Rebecca Ford

After three days of educating myself about blog hosting, domain names, and how to customize a blog’s theme, which I still haven’t mastered…by the way, I have finally moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress, and have it up and running after two years of dormancy.

Yaaaahoooo!!!  Let’s get this blog started!

It only took three extremely long days of neglecting household chores and three endless nights of sifting through websites full of text, watching more than enough YouTube tutorials for a lifetime, and listening to a variety of semi-interesting podcasts, to have finally emerged from heaps and mounds of overwhelming information. Let’s just say, I’m glad it’s over and I can now start blogging!  Oh, but wait, I have three other blogs to work on yet. Check’em out in my blogroll, and don’t forget to come back here soon for updates.