My Services

 Who I Am

Hi, I’m Rebecca Ford and I started writing around the age of seven.  While I have spent most of my life playing the role of teacher, I have always felt the need to write on a daily basis.  My garage is loaded with boxes full of journals and half completed manuscripts to prove it.  If a day goes by when I haven’t written anything, then I’m not a happy camper!  Move out of my way!

How I Can Help You

I can write about almost any topic, but my background as a Spanish teacher, my passion for equines, felines and canines, as well as my love for the outdoors, healthy living, and the craft of writing, are my favorite things to write about.  Don’t see something that you need?  Ask me about it.  Chances are, I can write it for you!  Here’s a quick list of topics that interest me:

Education (k-12 & higher education) • Foreign Language Acquisition • Teaching   
Spanish and Latin American History, Geography and Culture • Natural Horsemanship Western Saddle Riding • Horses, Cats and Dogs • Animal Welfare 
Hiking • Backpacking • Rock & Ice Climbing • Travel 
Screenwriting • Blogging • Creative Writing
Vegetarian, Vegan and Paleo Living 

What I Do

Blog Posts 

While I enjoy writing longer posts, I can write shorter ones too.  The important thing is that I connect your message with your target audience. I can do that!  


While blog posts are more personable in nature, articles have more of a journalistic or academic feel to them.  I will use credible sources to ensure that solid information is educating your readership.  

Web Content – Lead Generation Guides

Starting a new business?  Need to fill your web pages with information about your brand’s products and services? Let me worry about embedding those powerful keywords into your web content that will attract and keep potential customers.  I can also create content guides that will sell your products and services and provide solutions to your target market’s problems.


Need to promote your yourself or your business?  eBooks are a great way to leverage you as an expert in your field, but they are time consuming to write.  Let me write yours so you can focus on the other aspects of your business that you enjoy more.  


I have a ton of experience writing curriculum for Spanish language programs, especially for elementary and middle school.  I can help with a variety of tasks to help your Spanish program stand out.            


Having two degrees in Spanish means that I have to understand grammar and writing rules in two languages.  I offer basic proofreading of your content and I can even move your content around so it will flow better.  I also have lots of experience giving notes for screenplays, ensuring that your structure is correct, as well as your formatting.






  1. Great start!! I love it “Real Teachers Don’t Drive Carts!! That’s great!! I just laughed out loud for a few minutes people must think I’m nuts! Great title! Reminds me or your West Hartford days! Very catchy, looking forward to reading it.


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