New Year, New Goals…Maybe

I have finally emerged after taking a two month vacation from blogging.  I’m fine, in one piece and rearing to get rolling into the new year.  I never intended to disappear after my Halloween post, like one of Michael Myers’ victims, but the details of life got in the way; like midterm exams, holiday shopping, holiday traveling and graduate school applications.  Yes folks, I’m going back to school…I think.  It’s really contingent upon an admissions committee believing that of the hundreds of applications they receive, that I’m worthy enough to fill one of the twenty available seats.  I think I have a better chance at being struck by lightening or even winning the Powerball.  

While I abandoned blogging for a bit, I didn’t abandon writing.  I spent two months writing meaningful Statements of Purpose and other essays that expressed my character and future plans as an educator.  It was a different kind of writing than I’m used to, but at least I was writing, churning out word after word, ensuring that my ideas flowed and connected, yet stayed within the boundaries of the strict word counts.  I wrote and rewrote, draft after draft, making every word count so as to create the cleanest, tightest and most meaningful manuscript possible.  The process was daunting, I gained ten pounds from all of the nervous eating I did, but in the end, writing these application essays was great practice for the craft of writing itself.

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